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WASHINGTON — mom of 18-year-old Cierra younger stated a road rage incident may be the good reason why her child ended up being shot and killed on Valentine’s Day in Southeast.

D.C. authorities stated that the shooting stays under investigation, but LaShawn younger, Cierra’s mom, stated she had been told through detectives that road rage may be the motive that is possible.

LaShawn Young admitted she’s got more concerns than responses, but explained just just how her child ended up being found by a pal, who she never ever came across or saw before, on Sunday to hold away. She received a call lower than hour later on that her child ended up being shot while she was at the passenger chair associated with the automobile.

Police taken care of immediately a call of an accident in the intersection of Branch Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue after 9 p.m., and arrived to get Cierra younger unconscious on the floor. She later passed away during the medical center.

The initial research unveiled that the shooting occurred away from a condo building within the 3300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, of a block from the intersection.

LaShawn Young stated she was struck as soon as into the neck.

“we simply understand she was at the automobile having a gentleman and it is said to be a while of road rage plus some everyone was shooting to the automobile,” LaShawn younger stated. “They took some one that meant a great deal to the entire household and i really hope they are delivered to justice.”

Cierra younger had been a senior at Theodore Roosevelt senior school and had been looking to graduate this after taking time off because of how tough it was to be in school during the height of the pandemic year.

LaShawn Young describes for me just how she actually is remaining strong after her Cierra that is 18-year-old was in Southeast on Valentine’s evening. The teenager had been on the ground after her mom stated she ended up being shot whilst in the passenger chair of a automobile driven by her child’s friend.

She worked at a steakhouse in Largo for some time together with her mom. Cierra younger additionally had aspirations to begin her very own clothes line, and recently produced t-shirts called “Evol,” that has been a note reminding us that individuals reside in a world that is evil.

Cierra younger simply became a unique aunt and results in a 23-year-old sis and 14-year-old bro. She also expanded up dancing at Brookland Elementary and Middle Schools.

“Cierra had been a lovable kid,” LaShawn younger stated. “She simply enjoyed life all she did ended up being look she simply desired to be pleased.”

Relatives and buddies collected for the comfort rally in the scene evening tuesday.

Police are selling an incentive all the way to $25,000 to anybody who provides information that contributes to the arrest and conviction of the individual or individuals responsible for any homicide committed when you look at the town. A person with information regarding this full situation is expected to call the authorities. Also, anonymous information could be submitted to your department’s TEXT Suggestion LINE by delivering a text.

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