Having visited the Baltics a bit right right back, and also lived in Lithuania with numerous visits towards the money of Latvia, Riga, i have to say that out of all of the Eastern cities that are european Riga quickly became certainly one of my favorites.

While Lithuania and Estonia are particularly Baltic with individuals and mentality nearer to Scandinavia and Germany, Latvia has an even more feel that is slavic that’s nearer to everything you find Russia and Belarus. That is because Latvia is one of Russified countries that are baltic in Riga, everyone else understands in Russian in place of one other Baltic nations where Russian is quickly becoming extinct.

Because of this, you have got a pleasant mixture of ladies in Latvia ( more on that later), therefore irrespective you won’t do wrong in Latvia if you want a Latvian girl or a Russian girl.

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In this guide, you are going to learn the immediate following:

What is Latvia like

What exactly are Latvian females like

How to approach, fulfill and seduce women that are latvian

Items that you must never do in Latvia

Just how do Latvian females compare to Russian or women that are ukrainian

Things you need to understand whenever heading out at Riga, Latvia

And, much a whole lot more…

Therefore, if you should be interested in learning more Latvia and women that are latvian keep reading below.

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Latvia—along with Estonia and Lithuania—is one of several three Baltic nations situated in northeast European countries. The Baltic nations are unique in a manner that they certainly were a few of the most developed nations into the Soviet that is former Union, because of this, would be the only nations of FSU which were admitted in to Washington escort reviews the eu.

Latvia can also be a reasonably tiny nation with a populace of approximately 2 million inhabitants. This implies, the main city, Riga, is truly the sole city that is viable any type of ladies searching, travel, and residing (its populace is just about 600,000).

Therefore, if you are utilized to big nations and towns, Latvia is going to feel a little dissimilar to you. As being a city that is big myself, I became a bit astonished once I experienced Latvia but quickly became more comfortable with it in the long run.


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Latvia can be an Eastern European nation and enjoys the standard four periods. There is the cool wintertime, the good springtime, the pleasant summer time, and fairly quick autumn that quickly becomes wintertime.

While the summer time is not hot set alongside the southern nations, the most readily useful time to take pleasure from Latvia is without a doubt into the summer. Which is as soon as the women can be putting on skimpy clothes and are far more easily ready to accept fulfilling their prince charming. The drawback is the fact that that is additionally the right time once you’ll probably the most tourists around.

An alternative choice would be to come throughout the cold temperatures, that isn’t that bad, you have to be ready for temperatures which will be hovering around 0C (and frequently, even less than that). Simply bring winter that is good, hire an excellent apartment when you look at the center, and you will find a woman to help keep you heat very quickly.


I mainly think about Riga, the capital when I think about Latvia. For me, Riga is actually the city that is only’s well well well worth visiting and staying in (during summertime, you’ll be able to go to Jurmala close to the shore). Unlike far away (also smaller Baltic nations) that have actually at the least two livable urban centers, Riga has actually just one.

The latter is what I took when I traveled from Estonia to Riga and then to Lithuania for traveling around Riga, your option is mostly the train and bus. Keep in mind, Riga is just a fairly small country so making your way around shouldn’t be a lot of an issue.

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