Government Naija Lockdown housemates and buffs, Vee and Neo are trending Adventure dating service

on Twitter over a private dialogue they just received into the your government quarters.

The BBNaija fanatics, Neo and Vee brought up suspicions of obtaining sex during the Lockdown home.

Every thing started on Wednesday night after Vee reported that this gal hasn’t watched the woman stage your period.

Again, on Thursday, Neo asked if this lady has noticed the woman period, creating that she appears currently pregnant.

The pair had been in the kitchen area preparing as soon as Neo earned a maternity gesture to which Vee next compromised to f**k him up and advised your staying afraid rather. But an unbothered Neo starred off any worries before Vee answered to your, claiming: “It would get tomorrow.’

As soon as Neo considered this model that this broad probably simply miscalculated, a visibly troubled Vee disagreed and observed that she’s been in the top uncle premises for per month and every single day.

WITHIN NIGERIA remembers your vocalist, Vee received sooner cried out that this tart had been sex starved and could perhaps not hold it downward for one more 5 months if she stayed in your house.

Effectively, your kitchen debate between the prefer creatures offers stirred doubts from BBNaija lovers that happen to be speculating that the housemates received love exactly where there are no digital cameras.

The following are some responses from viewing audience the following:

Isaactweet “ that only known the convo between Neo and Vee in the kitchen?Hope Vee is not currently pregnant, years so far to come!Are you about to posses a huge blood brother kids?

OfficialGeno “ and we learn once Neo and Vee had sexual intercourse. By the way, Lord penalize kayode. Really, Vee has actuallyn’t watched the stage and it is worried she is expecting a baby. Neo are growing as if it’s no issue for him or her.”

Temitope852 “ Vee continues whining to Neo about them late period and ways in which Ne9 must always be scared. He mentioned he’s a grown-up and can not be scared of pregnancy.”

MsJojacobs “Does it imply Neo and Vee created romance. The key reason why she asking Neo if he is perhaps not afraid that the lady years is definitely later?

Romina_Moore “My goodness never ever flops. So Vee and Neo got non-safe sex along with her years being postponed make her seems like she expecting?

Olori_Renike “Did Vee and Neo make love? She’s truly concerned about this period wey don skip o. “

Mz_B_b “ I’m sure they’ve been making love into the restroom due to the fact digital cameras don’t program the lavatory.”

Ojurepepe “ issues steady going on in that quarters. I’m sure Eric and Lilo too even so they didn’t indicate.”

Kay_20 “ Vee only taught Neo this individual should always be scared (she haven’t viewed the girl duration so far) Both being making love.”

_Sophh98 “ The way Vee happens to be telling Neo with this period things, they’ve performed some. I Am Hoping the girl course comes.”

Ajibolaoni4 “ Biggie is going to end up being an uncle.”

De_dedun “ So Vee and Neo are smashing? Wawu. I Am Hoping they are only fooling sha owing cycle skip.”

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